Explore the LINKS toolkit to find technical resources and guidance for implementation of evidence-based strategies to improve cardiovascular health.


Hypertension control

Start with this fact sheet about hypertension control and our Hypertension Management FAQs (PDF version available here).

Read about how scaling up hypertension control can be a pathfinder for universal health care, and consult a summary of tools for expanding blood pressure management

Check out our new hypertension myths and facts info sheet

Review the relevant modules of the WHO HEARTS technical package

Consult related journal articles

Consider these examples of simplified hypertension protocols

Country protocols

Explore the course content and resources within CDC’s global Hypertension Management Training Curriculum

Learn more about Blood Pressure (BP) devices

For additional information on validated blood pressure devices, use this search engine from Stride BP.

Watch video resources on hypertension management

Print and display a BP measurement checklist and our 10 Hypertension Best Practices poster.

Salt reduction

Start with this fact sheet about salt reduction and FAQs from World Action on Salt Health and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Consult related journal articles

Review the WHO SHAKE technical package

Explore the course content and resources within CDC’s global sodium reduction toolkit

Find guidance and recommendations on salt reduction strategies:

Use the salt reduction advocacy slide deck for future presentations (last updated July 2019)

Print and distribute these informational cards that describe strategies governments can use to promote salt reduction. Now available in Chinese and Spanish!

Watch the new public service announcement “Love with Less Salt” illustrating the dangers of the high salt diet common in China.

Note: If you are interested in receiving a supply of salt reduction cards, please contact support@linkscommunity.org

Elimination of artificial trans fat

Start with this fact sheet and these FAQs about artificial trans fat. Learn more about best practice policy models and the limitations of ‘fats and oils only’ policies here.

Explore the modules of the WHO REPLACE technical package and the REPLACE fact sheet.

Read about the progress made in the effort to eliminate trans fat globally in the WHO annual report and NCD Alliance case study report.

View the TFA country score card map to track countries’ performance on a continuous basis.

Consult related journal articles and advocacy briefs

Use the TFA advocacy slide deck for future presentations (last updated October 2019)


  • “Heart Attack Rewind,” a mass media campaign produced by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) that addresses the dangers of artificial trans fat and reinforces India’s commitment to trans fat elimination by 2022: English version or Hindi version

  • Nutrition Policy Action to Save Lives: Trans Fat Free by 2023” the TFA side event at WHA in May 2019 hosted by NCD Alliance and Resolve to Save Lives

  • NCD Trailblazer Webinar” presented by the Resolve to Save Lives, NCD Alliance, Mexico SaludHable Coalition and Heartfile. Viewers must enter the password: EliminatingTFAs to access the webinar. The slides are available here.

Country Specific Training Resources

Learn more about activities in member countries:




All of the links and documents in this toolkit are informational only. They are not intended nor designed as a substitute for the reasonable exercise of independent clinical judgment by practitioners, considering each patient’s needs on an individual basis. Recommendations in this toolkit apply to populations of patients. Clinical judgment is necessary to design treatment plans for individual patients.